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Comment faire lamour avec un poulet bantam Silkie

Les femmes indiennes veulent faire lamour avec leur demi-frère. Ne crai- gnons pas de l’imiter et laissons à ces embryons enfermés sous la coquille le temps de vivre un peu d’eux-mêmes, de se réveiller quelques instants de leur chaud sommeil, […]


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  • AvA 101: The Basics

    AvA 101: The Basics

    Alliance vs Alliance is arguably the most fun event that exists in the game. You get to fight against other kingdoms, plunder like a pirate, and all troop losses are temporary!

  • Hive Layout Excel Template

    Are you having challenges with hive layout? Need a decent planner to get everyone organized? Download this Excel template to get started. It's broken out using an example layout to give you a few ide

  • Ghosting and Ghost-busting

    Ghosting your troops is the concept of hiding your army using long rallies so that it can't be hit by enemies. Typically you will leave one full march free to bounce and hit targets while the others


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