Hive Layout Excel Template


Are you having challenges with hive layout? Need a decent planner to get everyone organized? Download this Excel template to get started. It’s broken out using an example layout to give you a few ideas, but can be customized to taste.

A good hive should be defensible from outside attacks, serve KVK battles, and optimize AVA. Consider the following tips:

  • Allow room to swing towers in for AVA. All defensible structures should be a 20 second march from your defenders
  • Put the hospital somewhere where you won’t murder innocent patients every time you fight AVA
  • Consider forest-edge layout to pop invaders from forest, or to serve as a KVK launch point
  • Group castles by level and playtime if optimized for growth
  • Spread defenders among smaller castles if optimized for KE

Other points:

  • Why use four cells per tile?
    You have to do it this way to plan for tricky mountains and other half-tile or quarter-tile obstacles.
  • Why color-code by castle level?
    Easier to spot flaws if you are optimizing for growth or battle.
  • Does this actually work?
    Not really, people never follow instructions perfectly. But it helps to get others involved in planning and coordinating a move.
  • Planning tip, fort gives 6 half-tiles in each direction and each tower can extend an additional six half-tiles.

Download Template