Ghosting and Ghost-busting


Ghosting your troops is the concept of hiding your army using long rallies so that it can’t be hit by enemies. Typically you will leave one full march free to bounce and hit targets while the others remain hidden. This is an effective tactic when attacking a hive with larger opponents, it allows you to continue attacking with minimal risk of losing any troops.

  1. Send out a full attach march
  2. Quickly select and rally targets for 60 minutes
  3. Repeat until no troops left

You may now continue attacking with that original march you sent out without worry of being hit. Be sure to keep that march running, especially if there are high value opponents who can zero you in a single hit.


If an invader is ghosting their troops, there are a number of tactics you can take against them to expose their troops to attack:

  • If the attacker stupidly rallied you, simply teleport behind them. Advanced ports cancel their rally and expose their troops.
  • If the attacker rallied another member of your hive, you may use the Evict strategy to force-port their target and expose their troops
  • If the attacker rallied many members of your hive, consider using the alliance shield strategy to expose all of the attacker’s troops at once and speed-march to zero them quickly.