C31 vs C40 – Smashing the Fox


Smashing the Fox

So it was a regular old AvA, the usual.. Lots of troops out plundering, keeping our score up high, but we made a mistake that we make often: getting to first place before the 12th hour. This paints a big-ass target on your back, everyone and their dog looks to sap points off those juicy towers.

Today was no exception. Along came Fox, a C40. Now keep in mind my little C31 is the biggest meanest option we have for booting invaders. After about an hour of tower ping-pong, we finally got all of the invaders grouped into the same tower as the C40 for safety. At least we’re only losing one tower’s worth of plunder, right?

But then I realized something as another invader from the same hive joined – the C40 is reinforcing with bare marches, no airship! A quick check of his equipment verifies he’s not using a lantern or air cannon either. His power is still pretty high, but fuckit this is AvA the best time to take risks.

I’m burning ghostships, so I figure why not send three full marches over to him and see what happens. The first two marches were lost immediately, but then the third march burned his ass and popped him straight out of forest! A little C31 popping a C40 instantly made everyone’s day. I quickly ran 4 speed marches to pop the other invaders who were now exposed, their reinforcements now depleted since the C40 was force-ported. Castle after castle disappeared so quickly we had members asking where everyone went.. Glorious

The end.