AvA 101: The Basics


AvA 101: The Basics

Alliance vs Alliance is arguably the most fun event that exists in the game. You get to fight against other kingdoms, plunder like a pirate, and all troop losses are temporary! It’s hugely fun, but really not as much fun if your team keeps losing. If you’re completely new to AvA, keep these basics in mind.

  • Defend using the treasure button, not garrison
  • Use treasure listing to select targets wisely
  • Plunder, plunder, plunder
  • Be smart about defense
  • Have fun and experiment

Defend using the treasure button, not garrison

People make this mistake all the time, even veteran players may occasionally hit garrison by accident although they’ll never admit it! As an R4, keep an eye to make sure all structures say (Not yet garrisoned) at all times. And, as a fighter, use the treasure button to the left of your structure.

To be continued because it’s late and I’m tired..